In an effort to continuously improve my accounting practice, and become the go to certified public accountant in my community, I have identified a key area of self-improvement. That area is productivity. Yes, I need to know and understand the latest tax laws, know what impending changes our government has planned for us, and find ways to deliver accounting services at the highest possible quality and with greatest ease for my clients. But productivity is key to making all this happen.

In talking with a friend about my time management concerns, she pointed me to a website called Get Momentum. Get Momentum is a web based productivity site that helps you find ways to be more effective and productive. I have only been a member for one week, but an activity suggested by Jason Womack was to create a blog post about when I am most productive. So here goes:

I am at my best when:

  • I had snuggle time with my daughter in the morning before work.
  • I had a good breakfast and a cup of joe.
  • I plan out my day and know my priorities for the day.
  • I have a little music playing in the background. (I am known as the tax return techno queen.)
  • I manage daily interruptions instead of reacting to them.

Those are just a few. So how about you? You are at your best when…..